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Katy TX Dog Hotel Near Me

Looking for a Katy, TX dog hotel near me? Look no further than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! Our luxurious pet resort offers play areas, furry friends, daycare, and so much more. Our state-of-the-art facility is comfortable, and our staff has years of experience.

They are all professionals who dedicate themselves to providing the best possible care for your pet. We offer boarding grooming, training, and daycare. We also have a full-size swimming pool, color televisions, and large play yards.

Your dog will never be lonely and will always have fun when they stay with us. Contact us today for more information about our services, including doggy daycare and pet resort!

Katy, TX dog hotel near me

You can find your Katy, TX dog hotel near me at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Katy TX Dog Hotel Near Me

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is the perfect facility for your canine friend. Not only can you find professional and modern amenities, but there are also fun attractions for their four-legged friends. The Katy, TX dog hotel near me offers spacious rooms where guests can lounge on plush beds.

As well as grooming treatments, there are also swimming pools, large play yards, and kennels to keep up with the needs of any of our furry guests. On the grounds, there are caretakers that love what they do. We provide everything your dog will need to have a happy and healthy stay with us while you are away.

The Benefits of Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort

There are many benefits to boarding your dog at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. First and foremost, your dog will be in a safe and secure environment while you’re away. Dog’s Day Inn is a licensed and insured pet resort, and all of our staff are trained in pet basic pet behavior.

We also have a state-of-the-art security system in place, so you can rest assured that your dog is well taken care of while you’re away. There are plenty of fun things to do for the dog at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Outside we have a large fenced-in area with plenty of space for your dog to run around and play, as well as other amenities like dog grooming, dog pools, and peanut butter kongs. Inside, there are multiple rooms to choose from that all have ample space for your dog to run around and televisions to keep them occupied.

What Makes Us Unique

One of the unique services we offer is your dog’s very own caretaker. We assign each dog a caretaker when they come to us. This caretaker will learn your pet’s behaviors to see how best to care for them.

This is also great for your dog. Because some dogs can get nervous or even frightened in a new place, a familiar face is always comforting to animals when they are afraid.

Katy, TX dog hotel near me

Your dog will surely be loved and well taken care of during their stay with us.

Caring for animals is our passion. Every one of us loves what we do. Whether it’s training, grooming, or just giving your dog some love, you can be sure your dog is being well taken care of.

Not only do we assign caretakers to pets, but we can also give you updates on your dog. We can post pictures to our social media upon request so that you can know what your furry friend is up to.

With so many friends and toys to play with, your dog will never be bored while they are with us.

What are the safety and security features of Dog’s Day Inn?

The Dog’s Day Inn is a safe and secure place for dogs to stay while their owners are away. Our play yards have a secure, six-foot fence around the property. Plus, we have multiple surveillance cameras. With our closed circuit-security system, your dog will always be monitored at all times.

Another security measure we have is our staff. Our staff knows how to detect nervous or aggressive behavior in pets. Therefore, they know how to calm pets down.

They may take the dog inside to relax in their private suite. However, dogs that are nervous or scared will never be left alone. Our staff will stay with them and comfort them until they are ready to play again.

What other services does Dog’s Day Inn offer?

Dog’s Day Inn offers many services. Not only do we offer boarding, but we also offer grooming, training, and daycare. If you would like your dog to be trained or groomed while you are away, we are more than happy to accommodate.

Furthermore, if you are interested in our daycare services, we are happy to tell you that your dog will get all the same treatments and amenities as our boarding services. They still get their own caretaker. Your dog will still get to play outside, swim, and enjoy all the amenities. The only difference is your dog gets to go home with you at the end of the day.

Vaccines and Medication for Dogs

If you are considering bringing your dog to us for boarding, we do require that all pets have up-to-date vaccinations. Aside from loving and caring for dogs, our priority is safety. Much like people, dogs can transmit diseases between each other.

Therefore is very important that we have all our furry guests have the proper vaccinations before they are allowed to stay with us. For dogs, we require Rabies, DHLPPCV, and Bordetella. We ask that all customers bring proof of their up-to-date vaccines from the veterinarian’s office.

If your dog is on any medication, we are more than happy to give them their medicine. We ask that owners bring their pet’s medication in its original packaging. This way, we know exactly who to give it to, how much, and how often.

We can’t wait for you and your dog to come and play with us. Give us a call, or visit our locations when you are looking for a Katy, TX dog hotel near me. 

Katy, TX dog hotel near me

Come visit us! We can’t wait to show you and your dog around.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX

  • In Katy, there are ten parks, including Heritage Park, which is most well-known for its restored buildings.
  • Katy is proud of its many museums that celebrate the city’s history, heritage, and the country’s veterans.
  • The name Katy is derived from the city’s history as a railway town.