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Katy TX Dog Training Near Me

Looking for Katy TX dog training near me? We’ve got just what you need at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! Are you way too busy to devote yourself to nonstop training of a new puppy you just acquired? Bring your dog to us, and let us do the work for you.

We know that people’s schedules can get crazy. Between careers and responsibilities like kids and work, not everyone has the necessary time to put into training a dog. We are here for you with our professional, certified dog trainers, ready to start your pup off on the road to good behaviors.

Our affordable training services are what your pup needs. Whether it’s learning basic commands or you need serious training sessions, we are your one-stop shop for all things puppy training.

We target the exact kind of training that fits your dog. Whether it’s teaching your dog one on one or working on his socializing skills around other dogs. You can be assured that whatever your dog needs to build him up, we will teach him.

We don’t just want to teach your dog tricks and silly commands. We want to improve your dog’s behavior through our dog obedience classes and training techniques.

Katy TX dog training near me

Looking for Katy TX dog training near me? Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is what your puppy needs! Swing by our Katy location, or call today!

You’ve Found The Best Katy TX dog training near me!

We are the best dog care company in all of Katy, Texas! For over 30 years, our aim has been to treat every dog we come across as a family member and offer great services to the community at an affordable price.

Firstly, we pride ourselves on treating every animal in our care as family. A lot of companies make this promise, but here we live by it. Secondly, and just as important to us, are the humans that come in. We strive to uplift the dog-owning community as a whole, not just to offer great services but to teach people every step of the way.

Finally, when it comes to why you should choose us, it comes down to two things; time and affordability. We don’t want to gouge you as other companies do. Instead, we work with you and have created affordable prices that the average person can pay. Our goal isn’t to make you broke by offering subpar services; it’s to give you a premium at a reasonable price.

We also respect your time here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. That’s why our training classes are only 14-days long. Most training companies make you wait 2-3 months to train your dog while milking your finances along the way. All you need with us is two weeks, and we guarantee you will see results when you come in for Katy TX dog training near me.

Not Just About Commands.

When we start a training session, it’s not just about teaching your dog commands to sit and roll over. Even the most misbehaved dogs can learn that! Instead, what we focus on here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is basic obedience and teaching your dog good behaviors that will last.

Dog obedience training is our specialty, and we only use positive reinforcement, no treats or electronic devices. This means we will only teach your dog by keeping the environment warm and friendly, so instead of responding to fear, your dog responds to normal voice commands.

This type of training is why we opened our doors in 1990. We saw many companies use shock collars and were aggressive with the pups they were training, so we had to step into this space. Positive reinforcement not only makes a happy pup but helps create a great foundation. This solid foundation is so important for your dog to keep good behaviors his whole life.

Katy TX dog training near me

Here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we will teach your dog good behaviors, that will last a lifetime!

You Will Learn As Well

We live to build animals up, so they have good behaviors. But, the same can be said about the humans that use our services. We thrive on teaching you every step of the way, making you more knowledgeable on all things dog training and dog care.

At the end of our dog training program, we will give you a chance for you demonstrate the commands we have taught to your dog. We will show you what we have taught your furry friend then let you try it. Also, you can bring family members with you, if you want them to learn as well.

As soon as the trainer feels like you and your dog have the commands down, we will release your dog to you, and our training will be complete.

Other Excellent Services

We also provide many other services that uplift the dog-owning community. Firstly, our boarding service is a great option for people that need to drop their dog off for an extended amount of time. Secondly, we have our doggy daycare.  This is great for people that need to drop their dog off for a shorter amount of time, maybe, say, just for the workday.

Another amazing service we offer is our grooming service. We have certified grooming professionals standing by, waiting to help you with all your grooming needs! Our shampooing and deep-brushing are great for getting rid of intrusive, unwanted pet hair.

If your dog is not feeling well for any reason and needs to take medication, we will administer it at no extra cost. Our first priority is your dog’s overall well-being, so we will be glad to help!

Call Us or Swing By Today!

Katy TX dog training near me.

Be sure to check out our other great services at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Our grooming, boarding, daycare are all world-class!

Looking for something that is closer to your house? Check out our other locations in Atascocita, Cypress, and Kingwood. They will surely help you with all your training needs and provide you with the same great service as our Katy location.

Any questions, feel free to give us a call or swing by. We cant wait to see you and help you with Katy TX dog training near me!

Katy Fun Facts:

  • The Population of Katy, TX is over 20,000.
  • The downtown area of Katy is referred to as “Old Town Katy.”
  • Katy’s name derives from the K-T railroad that runs through the city.