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Katy TX Dog Training

If you are looking for Katy TX Dog Training then come to Dog’s Day Inn. We can teach your dog basic obedience, and help correct unwanted dog behavior. Our training classes include using positive reinforcement. One of our dog trainers can work with you and your dog on how to communicate with each other.

Over the course of fourteen days, you can learn how to teach your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, down, heel, and come on command. Our positive rewards-based training does not require any treats or corrective collars. So you won’t have to worry about weaning your pup off any treats and snacks. Contact us and get your dog to Dog’s Day Inn today!

Katy TX Dog Training

Give Dog’s Day Inn a call when you need Katy TX Dog Training.

Katy TX Dog Training

When you look for Katy TX Dog Training, you will find Dog’s Day Inn pet training program. We offer an indoor and outdoor suit that is 4 x6 feet. If you would like for your dog to have a larger size suit, you may choose one of your liking for an additional fee.

Bring your dog’s favorite toy and bedding for familiarity. You may bring any special food. Let us know of any special feeding schedules you would like your dog to be on.

Obedience Training

When you bring your dog to us, one of our highly qualified trainers will work with them one on one. We have a fourteen-day training schedule. In that times, we can teach your dog how to sit, stay, lay down, heel, and come when you call.

We use hand signals and verbal commands. We always use positive praise with your special pooch. Our ‘on lead’ training means we don’t use any treats or corrective collars such as electric collars.

All our training is done using a chain collar and a leather leash. When your dog is not training with one of our professional trainers, we schedule their playtime. Playtime is important to your dog.

They get to relax and have fun. Constant correction can stress a  dog out. So when giving them plenty of space to have fun being a dog. When the course is done, one of our trainers will contact you.

They will schedule a time for you and your family to come to our training facility. The trainer will then show everything that they are your dog has worked hard on. It is like a little performance of everything your dog has learned.

Additionally, the trainer will work with you and your family to learn how to take command and give your dog proper instruction. We want you to continue your dog’s training. Therefore we want to teach you as well as your dog.

This is a great time to ask your trainer any questions or concerns you may have. When you and the trainer are confident in the given instruction, your trainer will dismiss you from our training course.

Guaranteed Dog Training

Sometimes your dog may have some behavioral problems. Check with your trainer about solutions to these problems. We can help give you information about correcting certain behaviors.

While we can’t guarantee the correction of all behaviors, we will work with you as much as we can to help you get the training you need. If your dog does not respond or refuses to obey commands, give us a call. We can set up an appointment with your trainer that is convenient for you to help fix any problems.

Day Care

If you leave for work every day, have you considered bringing your dog to doggie daycare? We offer a fun and stress-free environment for your dog while you are away. We include amenities such as televisions, peanut butter kongs, private suites, and outdoor playtime.

We have plenty of toys to keep your furry friend happy and occupied. We assign your dog to its own caregiver. This will allow the dog to bond with someone.

If your dog can bond with someone while you are gone, this will help them relax more. It can be stressful for a dog to be left in an unfamiliar place. New smells, unknown people, and other dogs might be a bit unnerving for a dog.

That is why we give each dog its own caretaker. We want your dog to enjoy coming to our facilities. We love dogs, and we want to keep them happy.

Katy TX Dog Training

Our trainers and caretakers know how to detect stress and discomfort in your dog.

Swimming Pool and Other Amenities

Does your dog love the water? At Dog’s Day Inn, we have what is called aqua exercise. Exercising in the water is a great way to help dogs who may have joint problems due to excess weight or old age.

We offer buoyancy vests for those who might not be the best swimmers. For twenty minutes, your dog can enjoy cooling off and having fun in our pool.

This will give your dog adequate exercise and help them get out any extra energy they may have. We do, however, require a release form from your veterinarian before they can join the aqua exercise program. Safety is our number one concern.

If your dog doesn’t like water, don’t worry! We have plenty of other things for your dog to do. We love keeping your dog entertained.

Keeping your dog entertained will help keep your dog calm and healthy. When your dog is well exercised and entertained, it will help them get good rest. Playtime at Dog’s Day Inn will consist of a large outdoor area.

There is enough space for your dog to run around. We also provide plenty of toys to play with. Your dog will get plenty of socialization with other dogs.

We monitor all socialization to keep everyone safe. Our staff is professionally trained and knows how to recognize when a dog is stressed. Your dog will always be comforted and never left bored.

Come and Play

Katy TX Dog Training

If you need a fun and safe place for your dog while you are at work, bring them to Dog’s Day Inn.

If you need a great place to train or you need dog daycare, give us a call. We would love to take care of your pet while you are away. We are located in several areas such as Atascocita, Cypress, Katy, and Kingwood. So cal Dog’s Day Inn when you need Katy TX Dog Training.

Fun Facts for Katy

  • Its name came from the K-T railroad
  • Only 30 mins from Houston
  • Started a Rice Festival in 1981