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Katy TX Doggy Training

Katy TX Doggy Training has never been easier to find than right here at Dog’s Day Inn!

With optimal success will basic obedience, Dog’s Day Inn is the right place for your dog’s behavior to turn from disobedient to darling!

Katy TX Doggy Training

Furthermore, why would you ever want to send your beloved pup to a puppy training or dog training that isn’t completely certified?

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we only hire the best-of-the-best certified trainers. You need to be comfortable when it comes to your dog’s training. There’s never been a better time than now to fix your dog’s behavioral problems!

Katy TX Doggy Training here at Dog’s Day Inn has everything and anything for your pup and you!

Background of Katy

The beautiful city of Katy, Texas, is an up-and-coming one. Located in the Greater Houston Area, it has made quite the name for itself over the years.

Katy TX Doggy Training

Trust us with your precious pooch!

Not to mention the growing population! With a 2019 census population of 20,202, the numbers simply will not stop climbing. What this means is plenty of animal lovers as well.

Animal lovers that will undoubtedly be looking for a dog trainer or training program of sorts. That’s where we come in!

With our professional trainers and certified board and train programs, any fussy or rowdy dog can become a good dog.

Why Pick Us?

There is a number of different reasons why we consider ourselves the most optimal obedience trained doggyday care facility in Texas.

However, we would love to do a deep dive. We are the best within the Greater Houston Area because:

  • Our seniority in the obedience training industry.
  • The dedication and love we have for your precious pet.
  • Our wide variety of services offered by us here at Dog’s Day Inn.

The Seniority

Firstly, our seniority in the business. Dog’s Day Inn has been around for thirty years, and yes, you read that correct! Thirty years, or three decades, rather. What a long time to stay in the same industry, don’t you think?

We take exceptional pride in the fact that we are pros at what we do. The intense care and dedication to the safety of your pet are what have got us in this business. We love your precious pets just as much as you, and that shows greatly with the amount of time we’ve dedicated to our business here at Dog’s Day Inn.

Our Dedication

We want you to feel confident while dealing with your new dog or puppy. That’s why we have such an incredible team of trainers at our service to ensure that you and your dog are comfortable together.

Furthermore, we want your beloved dog to leave us happy and on the best possible behavior for you.

Variety of Services

Lastly, we sure do offer quite a wide variety of services here at Dog’s Day Inn. The types of services we offer here include:

With such a jack-of-all-trades approach we have at Dog’s Day Inn, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go with us for all your pet concerns!

Katy TX Doggy Training and more have never been more conveniently found than right here at Dog’s Day Inn!

What Does the Training Service Entail?

One of our most popular out of our service list is, in fact, the training services we offer. Throughout the duration of this 14-day training service, you can expect the following courses within the program:

  • Your precious pooch gets a four-by-six indoor and outdoor suite. Or, you may have the option of choosing a suite of an alternative size for an uncharge.
  • To keep your pup on their regular diet and feeding schedule, meaning you bring their food with you when they’re here.
  • We encourage familiar toys, or even bedding, to be brought as well to help the training process.
  • Finally, your trainer will be working with your dog one-on-one each day for the duration of fourteen days. There are five basic directives they will be taught: sit, down, stay, heel, and come.
  • The following techniques are only to be taught via hand signal and verbally, with positive praise reward.

As you can see, we didn’t mention a treat reward. We don’t use this tactic, nor do we use any type of electronic device training during the process of their stay.

On Lead: What is It?

So, the on-lead approach to the type of training we do here includes no treats nor electronic devices.

Katy TX Doggy Training

We’ll have your fur baby trained in no time.

We use, instead, a chain color or leather leash approach with positive reinforcement. There will be, additionally to the training, a scheduled playtime outside in the spacious yard.

Towards the end of your course, you and your family members will learn from the trainer when it’s time for you to come to the facility for dismissal. During this time, the trainer will show all the verbal and hand directives he or she has taught your pup.

Once everyone agrees about their comfortability with the said commands, you will be dismissed from our obedience school. With a brand-new pup that listens to all the rules!

What About Other Issues?

If your pup has other kinds of issues that need training and not just learning basic commands, that can be addressed easily. Katy TX Doggy Training here at Dog’s Day Inn has coverage at all angles of pup behavior.

Katy TX Doggy Training

We only hire the most experienced trainers!

Let’s say your pup is having issues such as behavior, or housebreaking. These are issues that can be discussed furthermore with your particular trainer.

The guarantee does not entirely include that of behavioral problems. Yet, it definitely can be something of discussion with your trainer in particular.


Your pet is precious to you; why take a chance on an insufficient pet resort for training? Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we want your dog to be entirely obedient to you.

Why not let the pros have a go? We have a 100% guarantee on our programs and thirty years of experience to testify to that!

We will have your puppy trained in no time; just wait and see. Give us a call, (281)-994-8026; we’d love to help you and your furry friend! Katy TX Doggy Training at Dog’s Day Inn is the best dog training spot in all of Katy!

Fun Facts of Katy

  • The city is known as a hot-spot for UFO’s!
  • Katy also has a haunted cemetery called Katy Magnolia Cemetery, sought after frequently by ghost hunters.
  • Second to Vegas, Katy is almost the drone capitol of the world!
  • For more fun facts, please visit their website.