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Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels

Dog’s Day Inn is the perfect Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels to bring your pet to. Finding the best pet care we know is important to you as a pet owner. You provide the best for your pet and show them so much love and care that it is only fair they get the same thing from a pet boarding kennel. So, you begin your search for the best Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels.

There are many that claim they provide the best care and boarding, but it just doesn’t feel like your pet would enjoy a place like that. What if we tell you that there is a place that you could bring your pet that feels like a resort to them. Not only do they get this resort, but they still feel like they are among family and getting quality care.  

Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels

Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels.

Well, this place doesn’t just exist in your dreams. Dog’s Day Inn is this magical pet resort that still shows your pet tender love and care. This is our constant aim and what we have been doing for more than 20 years. There are some places that you just can’t take your pet to. If you have been planning a vacation, we understand that you might not want to take your pet with you, and leaving them with a family member or friends is something that you don’t want to do. 

So, consider bringing your dog to a place that goes beyond a doggie daycare. This is any pet’s dream place, and it still feels a little like home. We have put so much in place to ensure that your dog enjoys their time while they are with us. In fact, everything we have in our facility is there because we were thinking about them. 

So, trust that while your pet is in our Kingwood TX canine boarding kennelsthey will have the best time. That way you can relax wherever you are. Call our team at Dog’s Day Inn for more information on our services. 

Kingwood, Tx Pet Resort

From a small facility in Humble, Tx 77338 to several large facilities in different locations, that has been the journey for us at Dog’s Day Inn. We started with the goal of just providing pet day for pet owners in the Humble area, and we have spread around the greater Houston area. This has been amazing for us. Serving the pet community is all we want to do, and we are glad to be doing it.

Like we briefly stated before, quality pet care is what we aim towards. Every day we are able to do just that with the help of our amazing pet care staff. They are trained in a variety of pet care services. For example, pet grooming and pet training are some services we have. 

While you are on vacation, your pet will enjoy the amazing facility built just for them. When we say that it was built just for them, we really mean it. There are many amenities inside and outside the building that are made for maximum enjoyment.

In addition, we have thought about those who might be staying the night. Everything your canine needs to be comfortable when it’s time to go to bed is provided. Read more about our dog daycare and boarding

Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels

Your canine is sure to have a great time with us at Dog’s Day Inn.


Pet Boarding Services

Great Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels have services that they know pets owners will be appreciative of. Apart from finding a place for your canine to stay, there are other services that we are sure they need. Services like dog grooming are popular ones to add to our boarding service. 

Before we get into that, let’s look at all that that Dog’s Day Inn Boarding has to offer. A state-of-the-art facility has been built for your pet, and that is what they love. Pets that have come to stay with us always have a big smile on their faces, and their tails are always wagging because they are excited to be in such an amazing place.

Amenities such as a large play yard, color TVs, and a full-sized swimming pool are just a few things that we have in our facility. And don’t worry, all the areas that your pet will be in are safe. In addition, there are security cameras around the facility, so there is always an eye on your pet at all times.  

Dog Grooming Services

As we were saying before, adding a dog grooming service to your boarding is something that many other pet owners have done. It’s nice to come back from a vacation and have your pet looking all nice and sharp. 

There are trained and certified dog groomers among our staff. They do many of the regular grooming things that are expected. These include brushing, shampooing, blow-drying, nail trims, ear cleaning, cologne, and a bandana.

If you ever have more specific instructions for your pet groomer, let us know. They will take the time to follow those. Once you’re back, your pet will be looking and smelling great. 

Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels

Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels

Take advantage of our grooming service while your pet is staying with us.

Finding quality dog boarding doesn’t have to be a hassle. Bringing your dog to Dog’s Day Inn is the best decision to makes. If you have any questions about any of our other services, give us a call. Also, call for our boarding prices; rates are based on the number of days your pet will be staying with us.

Both dogs and cats need some tender love and care. So, we do have accommodations for both animals. If you have a dog and a cat in your home, you don’t need to worry about finding another place for your cat. They have their own sanctuary here at Dog’s Day Inn, and trust us; they are going to have fun and chill times. 

Dog’s Day Inn is the best Kingwood TX canine boarding kennel. So don’t waste another second looking for Kingwood TX canine boarding kennels; just give us a call today, and we will take care f your canine while you’re away. 

Facts about Kingwood Tx

  • The city of Kingwood is also known as the “Liveable Forest”
  • The population of the city is about 60,000
  • Go on a hike or bike trail to experience the serene nature
  • Learn more about Kingwood by visiting their website