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Kingwood TX Dog Day Care

Our facilities have everything you need in a safe, reliable Kingwood TX Dog Day Care. Separation anxiety can plague a lot of pups, and as dog owners, the feeling is mutual. Being away from our dogs brings on stress like none other, so finding a trusty hand to look after them is crucial. At Dog’s Day Inn, we can alleviate both of your worries!

When your dog gets the idea that you might be going away for a while, they can start to whimper or cry. They know that you’re leaving for a while and in their minds, any moment away from its owner is catastrophic.

The owner starts to suffer as well. They start to think, “I have to get to work. Am I doing the right thing by leaving a dog in the care of a stranger? Am I really being a good dog parent?”

At Dog’s Day Inn, we’ve seen this interaction plenty of times. However, our training and daycare facilities afford us the high possibility of this interaction never happening again.

Dog’s Day Inn Is Full Of Adventure

So, your dog is afraid to let you go, even if it’s for a short while. How exactly can Dog’s Day Inn solve this situation?

We believe your fur babies will grow to love our facilities here at Dog’s Day Inn. Whether they’re coming to use to beef up their responsive awareness in our training area, getting a good trim with our grooming agents, or simply having fun with other dogs in our daycare.

In all of these situations, the dog’s separation from this owner will be the last thing on its mind.  This is because our facilities provide the relaxation and comfort it needs to reassure itself that everything is fine.

Three key ingredients make our Kingwood TX Dog Day Care work. Our staff members, our approach, and of course, our fun-loving, tail-wagging atmosphere.

Your Dog Deserves A Stress-Free Environment

Kingwood TX Dog Day Care

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, no doggy daycare does more for your pup than Dog’s Day Inn. Find out more about our Kingwood TX Dog Day Care today!

We’ve visited several doggy daycares and dog kennels across Texas, and we’ve found one constant behind all of them. The pets are either left alone in closed, tight areas, or they’re in cages.

The atmosphere rather resembles that of a dog shelter, which negatively increases their anxiety.  They’re not thoroughly watched over, and more importantly, they’re not given the freedom to roam around.

With these daycares, dogs are often returned to their owners in a panicky and aggressive mood. This can be shocking and disappointing for most people because they know that the dogs aren’t happy there.

Dog’s Day Inn is the exact opposite. Not only do we provide spacious indoor and outdoor play areas for all dogs to enjoy together, but we also have the best dog lovers on staff who are trained to give your dog undying love and attention.

Our Daycare Lets Your Dog Be Dogs

Kingwood TX Dog Day Care

Your dogs deserve to be the fun-loving, tail-wagging dogs they know how to be. Our Kingwood TX Dog Day Care at Dog’s Day Inn lets them be exactly that!

When you bring your dog to our pet resort, they are immediately assigned to a caregiver. Their task largely involves maintaining a fun and stress-free bond with your beloved. If the dog is under dire stress after separating from you, we upgrade your pup to its own private suite.

Inside the suite, the caregiver goes above and beyond to drive down its anxiety by using loving, non-threatening tactics that serve to alleviate all of their worries. While it helps to bring along familiar toys that they’re comfortable with, Dog’s Day Inn has plenty to spare.

After a while inside our daycare, your dog will be heavily engaged in activities such as our outdoor swimming games. Our facilities have a large swimming pool where your dog and our caregivers can playfully splash and swim around in. If your dog isn’t trained to swim around on its own, we take up that task by guiding your dog with navigating, kicking, and floating above water.

After a while, we give them the necessary tools to master the dog paddle technique. This training is all a part of our 20-minute aqua exercise routine.

Under our care, your dog will grow the confidence it needs to swim on its own. Soon enough, they’ll be using floaties and chilling alongside other dogs during the summer.

We Train Dogs With Separation Anxiety

While our exciting playtime facilities serve as an appropriate remedy to your dog’s anxiety, it certainly isn’t a cure-all. Some dogs need more attention than others, and that’s why Dog’s Day Inn also provides our unique, On Lead training service.

Kingwood TX Dog Day Care

Our training facilities go above and beyond! Find out more about our Kingwood TX Dog Day Care training at Dog’s Day Inn!

Inside our state-of-the-art training facilities, your dog will be paired up with a trainer. This trainer has all the certifications and experience needed to conduct a professional 14-day training course—the course zeros in on your dog’s breed and obedience level.

After the assessment, the trainer will begin teaching it social cues that every dog should know. These new abilities include adhering to simple tasks like sit, stay, and heel.

Over the course of the process, your dog will also be allowed to roam around play independently.

This balance of training and play serves to give your dog the opportunity to familiarize itself with the tasks that are being presented to him and apply them to everyday settings. This includes being separated from you.

The On Lead course also includes the use of a chain collar and leather leash for security, and it also helps your dog become more aware of its settings and how to best respond to certain social cues.

The conclusion of the training course involves another reassessment of how your dog reacts to its newly applied directives. Additionally, the trainer will also allow you to practice these social commands with your dog to determine the training’s success.

If all goes well, your dog will respond positively to commands, and its separation anxiety will decrease as a result.

Sign Up Your Little Pup To Dog’s Day Inn

We want to be the best dog parent we can be to our beloved fur babies, so choosing a dog daycare is crucial. If you’d like to learn more about the Kingwood TX Dog Day Care services that we offer, you can give us a call at our Kingwood location at (281)-359-3790. We look forward to meeting with you!

Fun Facts about Kingwood, TX

  • There are many meanings behind the names of cities in Texas. Kingwood is also known as the “Livable Forest.”
  • Kingwood was founded in 1971 by the Friendswood Development Company.
  • The new community was named “Kingwood” after King Ranch, one of the original developers, before being bought by the Friendswood Development Company.

For more information about Kingwood, TX, please visit the official website.