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Kingwood TX Dog Kennels Near Me

Are you seeking Kingwood TX dog kennels near me to watch your pup while you are away from the house? Consider your search over now that you’ve found Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! We are the number one animal care company in the Houston area. Our exceptional boarding service is a lifesaver for anyone that will be away from their homes for an extended period of time.

We know it can be scary to think about leaving your furry friends unattended for days or even hours. What can be just as scary as leaving your pets alone is leaving them with someone you cannot trust. When you can’t trust the person watching your dog, this can stress you out the whole time you are away.

Also, just because a company offers boarding services, there is no guarantee that they have professionals watching your animals. These shady companies will throw anyone into their kennel service, which can be a dangerous proposition for your animal. Also, other animal care companies will try to take advantage of you at every turn.

These companies will jack up their prices to astronomical rates, and the service you get back leaves a lot to be desired. If you need them to do anything extra, they won’t work with you but make it harder for you and your animal. However, when you choose us, you get a team that works with you any way we can.

At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we put your pet front and center when you leave them with us. We look to treat every single animal in our kennel service as if they are our family. You also won’t break the bank when you pay for our services, and we will never try to get over on you like other companies.

We Have The Most Cost Efficient Kingwood TX Dog Kennels Near Me!

Kingwood TX dog kennels near me

If you need the best Kingwood TX dog kennels near me, you need Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort!

When it comes to bringing Houstonians services they can trust, no one does it like Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. For over 30 years, we have brought Texans affordable animal care at unmatched prices. Our mission is to be there for both pet and pet owners and uplift the entire Houston community while we do it.

We know leaving a doggie alone for an extended period can be challenging. Therefore, we look to make it easy for our fellow Houstonians and bring them peace of mind through our boarding service. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will notice how we treat our animals.

We look to be a safe place for animals while their owners are away. This means that we treat them as if they are our pets, and we look after each one in our care with the utmost compassion. Our love for animals is unmatched here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Above all, you can feel at ease when bringing your pet to the best Kingwood TX dog kennels near me

Your Dog Will Have So Much Fun!

Kingwood TX dog kennels near me

Your dog will love swimming in our full-sized swimming pool!

Our amazing full-sized swimming pool is among the excellent activities your pet will take advantage of here. Your dog will love swimming in our pool, and you don’t have to worry about them being all alone in the water. Our outstanding animal care experts will be right there by their side the whole time to watch over them.

They will only have 20 mins at the most in the pool to avoid getting too tired too fast. Therefore, if your furry friend has a favorite toy that he loves to play with in the water, make sure you bring it!

Another great activity your pet will engage in will be our super fun play yards! We have a full-sized yard for them to run around in and get all that pent-up energy out of their systems. You don’t have to worry about them escaping either; our play yards are locked down tighter than Fort Knox!

Above all, when you bring your fuzzy companion in to stay with us, you can expect them to be in a tranquil atmosphere. We take pride in making our whole facility a place of rest and relaxation. We keep the TV on during the day and play animal-friendly movies as well. This Tv time we have noticed is excellent in putting your dog in a relaxed state of mind!

Other Services We Offer.

Kingwood TX dog kennels near me

We even offer cat care here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort!

Daycare. Our doggie daycare is right for you if you are away from your home but for a shorter time period. This service is the same as our boarding service, but for those that won’t be away from the house for as long. This service is cheaper than our kenneling service, so you won’t break the bank when you choose our doggie daycare!

Grooming. If you have a cat and want to try and avoid being scratched up to pieces, we can help! We have cat grooming experts standing by to save you from flesh wounds that cats are known to dish out. Out cat care experts have been grooming cats for years and have the expertise needed to keep your cat calm while grooming them.

Training. If you just adopted a puppy or have a stubborn old dog stuck in his ways, we can help! Training a dog is more than teaching them commands. It is about giving them a solid foundation to help both them and the owner have a happier life.

Saving Money On Boarding Services Is One Call Away!

If you have any questions about our services, give us a call! Also, if you have any questions, our FAQ page is a great resource to take advantage of and might help you answer some general questions you have. We also have a few other locations if you need something a little closer to your home.

Above all, we look forward to meeting your furry friend when you choose our Kingwood TX dog kennels near me!

Kingwood Fun Facts:

  • The population of Kingwood is well over 61,000.
  • Kingwood’s nickname is the “Livable Forest.”
  • Kingwood offers 75 miles of bike trails known as the “greenbelt.”