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Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding

It’s never been easier to find Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding. Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we proudly offer a range of services to cater to pet owners in the Greater Houston area. We have been in operation for 30 years. In that time, we have established a reputation for being a trusted pet service. Whether you’re looking for a boarding facility, grooming services, or dog training, know that our team is here to help. Give us a call today if you’d like to know more about our services or are interested in learning more about our boarding prices.

Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding

Dog’s Day Inn is proud to be your first choice when you need pet boarding and training services.

If you’re looking for a boarding center that will go above and beyond to care for your pet, you need to call our experts at Dog’s Day Inn. The staff at each of our locations is made up of avid animal lovers. With that in mind, you can rest easy knowing we have your furry friend’s best interest at heart.

When you’re heading out of town for some time, it can be difficult leaving your pet behind; you want them to be well looked after, but you may not want to burden your friends or family with such responsibilities. If that is the case, call Dog’s Day Inn. You won’t find a dog boarding facility like ours anywhere else. Our state-of-the-art dog kennels are designed to offer maximum comfort and pleasure to your pup. With all the amenities we offer, you can be sure your dog will have a fantastic time while in our care.

If you’d like to know more about our Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding options, call Dog’s Day Inn today!

Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we want to help as many pet owners as possible. That is why we cater to both dogs and cats at our boarding facility. Of course, to avoid any unnecessary distress for your animals, our cat and dog kennels are located in separate areas of our facility. Additionally, upon arrival, one of our friendly staff members will be assigned to your pet. As a result, your furry friend will feel more at ease and won’t become overwhelmed by their new surroundings.

It’s only natural for dogs to become stressed in new and unfamiliar environments. However, we only ever want your four-legged friend to enjoy their stay here. That is why we have designed our Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding facility to be as comfortable as possible. There are various color TVs throughout our center. This is because televisions give off sounds and visuals that your dog will be able to recognize.

The majority of households have a television. This is something your dog will be familiar with. Consequently, they will be familiar with these sounds and visuals and associate them with a space they feel safe; their home. As a result, your dog’s transition into our care will go a lot smoother. These televisions are just one of many amenities we offer here at Dog’s Day Inn.

Amenities of Dog’s Day Inn

We want your dog to have everything they might need when you choose Dog’s Day Inn as your pet resort. That is why we have a large outdoor playfield in all of our facilities. Our playfields allow your furry friend to make their own furry friends while getting some much-needed exercise. It’s only natural for you to worry about your dog being outside, especially if they are prone to running off. However, when you choose Dog’s Day Inn, you can be confident that we have your pets’ health and well-being in mind.

Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding

Your dog will love it here at our Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding facility!

With that being said, our playfield is encompassed by a six-foot fence. Consequently, your dog will never be far from our staff’s line of sight. Our fences ensure your dogs have a great time outdoors without them getting into any mischief or running away from our facility or staff. Other exercise opportunities we offer include our Olympic size swimming pool.

We hold 20-minute splash sessions for your pup, which is just enough time for them to burn off some energy without overexerting themselves. These splash sessions are incredibly beneficial for older dogs that have joint issues or arthritis. If you’d like to know more about these splash sessions, feel free to reach out to our team today. We will go over any questions you have regarding our Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding.

Doggie Day Care & More

In addition to boarding services, we also offer doggy daycare services. So whether you’re looking for a place to care for your dog for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks, know that you can rely on Dog’s Day Inn. Our friendly and trained staff also offer expert grooming services for your pooch. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact our team today.

Our grooming services are available at all our locations; Cypress, Kingwood, Katy, and Atascocita. Our grooming services are available whether or not your furry friend is staying with us or not. If you’re looking for daycare and grooming, boarding and grooming, or just grooming, our team is here to cater to your needs.

Pet training is something we also proudly offer here at Dog’s Day Inn. Our training program lasts 14 days, and your dog will work alongside one of our certified trainers. This is perfect for those dogs who experience anxiety in large groups. We understand that various trainers and owners like to use different methods when it comes to training their dogs.

Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding

Dog’s Day Inn welcomes both dogs and cats!

However, there are certain methods we don’t use here. Electronic devices and ‘treat’ conditioning are two methods you won’t find at Dog’s Day Inn. If you’d like more information about our training methods or are interested in price points for our sessions, reach out to our team today.

If you’re looking for a pet care facility that will go above and beyond for your pooch or feline, look no further than Dog’s Day Inn. You won’t find a Kingwood TX Doggie Boarding facility that offers better care; call today!

Kingwood Fun Facts:

  • ‘The Livable Forrest’ is the nickname of this city.
  • The area was created in 1971.
  • Kingwood has 2 community newspapers.
  • To learn more about Kingwood, visit today.