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Kingwood TX local dog boarding

Are you in need of Kingwood TX local dog boarding, then look no further than our team of specialists at My Dog’s Day Inn. With the constant expanding need for great dog care, our business was born. We provide your dog with a safe, comfortable, and fun place to go while you’re away. We’re a daycare service for your best furry friends; check out our dog grooming services in kingwood tx as well!

We started as a small business in Humble, Texas but soon grew into something more. Our team seeks to provide excellent service to all furry friends we come in contact with. Our facility is set apart by the uniqueness we bring to the table; we provide all-inclusive rates and a wide variety of services to all people we give service to.

Kingwood TX local dog boarding

Your dog will leave with a smile after staying at our facility.

The facility is lined with fun products and treats that will keep your furry friend interested and occupied during their stay with us. Also, each team member is equally dedicated to providing your pet with a wonderful and enjoyable experience. At our best, we provide each pet with their own unique experience they’re sure to enjoy.

Reliable Long-Term Boarding

One of the feature amenities we provide is our boarding and kenneling option. Our Kingwood location is a state-of-the-art pet care facility that offers your pet a wide variety of play options. Dogs and cats alike enjoy our programs designed to make your pet feel safe and secure while they in our care. When you’re away on vacation, you can trust that your dog is being to his/her own kind of vacation at our dog daycare facility.

Our facility also provides a calm and relaxing place for your dog to spend their time after a long day of playing. Their rooms feature television that keeps them feeling like they’re at home, and we make sure to avoid putting them in areas where there are high traffic and volume. Lastly, your dog is always treated to a peanut butter king treat to make their furry hearts happy.

We make sure that when your dogs stay at Kingwood TX local dog boarding, they maintain physical activity and are thoroughly entertained all stay long. Here at a Dog’s Day Inn, we provide all of that and more. Our state of the art facilities ensures your dog is safe and secure, meaning that we do more than just employ a closed-off space for them to frolic.

We take additional measures like making sure our staff is on watch 24/7 and performing closed-circuit monitoring. This way, the staff always knows what’s going on inside and outside of the facility.

Finally, our facility is enclosed with a 6-foot wrap-around gate that even the most expert escape artists can’t measle their way out of. Their safety is just as important as our own and is a top priority here.

Our featured amenities

Kingwood TX local dog boarding

Kingwood TX local dog boarding

In order to provide your pet with the absolute best experience, we make sure to provide top of the line amenities so that your pet is never bored in the dark. Our main goal is always to provide the best experience for your pet, so all of our efforts group together to do just that.

Here are some of our feature amenities that keep your dog busy while you’re away:

  • Television
  • Peanut Butter Kong Treats
  • 20-Minute Access to our full-sized pool
  • Private doggy suites
  • Hour-long outdoor playtime sessions

We’ve already told you about our television and peanut butter kong features, but let us tell you about our full-sized pool that has all of our furry guests raving and wanting more.

All of our locations are equipped with a full-size swimming pool for all of our aquatic fans out there. The pool not only provides fun playtime, but it’s also a great way for your dog to exercise. And not to worry, if your dog isn’t an Olympic swimmer just yet, then we provide them with vests to ensure their safety.

Swimming is a sport most dogs love, and it is great for dogs with joint and other related muscle issues. Our pool provides them with a great way to relieve stress on the joints. Finally, to ensure safety, all of our dogs are supervised by an attending staff member. This is to make sure no pool mishaps occur. The 20-minute pool limit makes sure that the dogs aren’t in the pool for too long, effectively wearing them out.

As a warning, we ask that you please ask your pet’s veterinarian if they can participate in aquatic activities to lessen the possibility of issues in the pool.

Outdoor Play Sessions & Private suites

Our outdoor play session is a fairly sought after amenity that also allows your dog to get exercise outside in the sun. As we’ve mentioned, our outside play area is fully fenced in. This means nobody is escaping on our watch. You can sign your pet up for the outside exercise session when you sign them up for boarding.

Additionally, each pet has its own private facility so your dog can enjoy a spacious weekend without being bothered by other pets. This is important to prevent your dog from getting too stressed out while you’re away. They are most likely already anxious, and we wouldn’t want to add to that stress in any way.

Kingwood TX local dog boarding

Our facility houses state of the art amenities. No matter how long your dog needs to stay with us, we can help. If you visit our facility, then you’ll be able to see just what our company is about. Also, you’ll be able to speak with our representatives about the other services we offer.

Kingwood TX local dog boarding

Our swimming pool gives your dog a chance to burn off some energy while having fun!

Call our facility today at 281-359-3790 to sign your dog up to stay with us. While doing so, you can enlist them in our other amenities like the full-sized pool and outside play area. Finally, if you have any other questions, then don’t be afraid to help. We want to make sure your dog’s experience is completely enjoyable. If you need Kingwood TX local dog boarding, then we’re the best facility to provide it.

Fun Facts about Kingwood, TX:

  • Kingwood is often identified as “the liveable forest.”
  • It is a heavily wooded acreage with beautiful scenery.
  • Kingwood got its name from an original developer.
  • It’s a community that exists in total harmony with nature.
  • For more information about Kingwood Tx, then visit the official website.