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Kingwood TX Pet Boarding Near Me

If you’ve been searching for the best Kingwood TX Pet Boarding Near Me, then search no longer. We here at Dog’s Day Inn have over twenty-five years of service to the greater Houston area; our boarding facility comes highly recommended by our clients, so make sure to contact us today! You can put your trust in us for your pet’s safety and health in our capable hands, which happen to be professionally trained team members who are all animal lovers.

Since 1993, Dog’s Day Inn has worked intending to meet our original mission of providing the newest pet boarding services. Care, love, integrity, and patience are the core values we keep at the center of all we do. Our animal-loving staff goes the extra mile to treat your beloved dog like family, ensuring that they’ll be safe and healthy while you’re away.

We are also pet owners, so we understand that searching for a pet boarding facility can be challenging and stressful. It can be a tough pill to swallow when you think of leaving your dog somewhere else besides home. But, we want you to have peace of mind when you leave your pet with us at Dog’s Day Inn. Our professionally trained team members are always here to provide the best of care to your dog.

Kingwood TX Pet Boarding Near Me

All dog interactions are always monitored for everyone’s safety

Pet Boarding At Dog’s Day Inn

We know that boarding your dog away from home can be stressful for your dog and yourself. This is why it’s crucial to find a boarding facility with all the comforts of home and individualized care. That’s exactly what Dog’s Day Inn offers to each customer; please keep reading to discover what distinguishes our facility from our competitors.

One-on-One Care

During your dog’s stay with us, they’ll be assigned a caregiver who’ll spend one-on-one time with your dog every day. This is crucial to keeping your dog healthy, happy, and safe while they’re away from home. As your dog’s visit progresses, their caregiver and them will develop a bond.

If your dog is the type that becomes easily stressed or anxious out by situations, have peace of mind while they are at Dog’s Day Inn. Part of a caregiver’s priority is to use special calming techniques on each dog that is barking excessively, overexcited, and so on. So your dog won’t remain stressed for long.


We here at Dog’s Day Inn have plenty of amenities that will help keep your dog happy during their entire stay; for example, we have a full-size swimming pool in one of our yards! On some days, your dog’s caregiver will allow them to spend twenty minutes in the pool playing so they can stay calm, especially during the summer months.

Don’t worry about your dog being alone while outside; a team member is present at all times when any of our animals are outside. To add to that, our animals are never in or near the pool area without supervision. All outdoor activities will be weather permitting, of course.

Safety and Security

Your dog’s security and safety is one of the most crucial to our team members; this is why we’ve installed many closed-circuit tv monitors throughout the facility. Our team members, as a result, can monitor all of our animals twenty-four hours a day.

Katy TX Pet Boarding Near Me

Your dog will be so happy during their stay with us.

To add to this, while your dog will never be outside unsupervised, we do have tall fencing! This fencing is checked frequently for loose boards, holes, and other damage. We work hard to guarantee your dog is safe while using our facility. The fencing in our yard is also six feet high, so there’s no chance of your beloved pet jumping out!

Our Other Services


Grooming your dog is a critical step in making sure their overall wellness and health are in check. When you bring your pet to Dog’s Day Inn for boarding, you might want to think about scheduling them with one of our professional groomers? You now won’t have to worry about falling behind on their grooming needs while you’re away.

Our professionally trained groomers have years of experience grooming dogs of all breeds. The type of fur a dog can have varies from breed to breed. Some dogs have soft velvety fur layers, while others have short, wiry fur. This is why it’s essential to have a groomer familiar with the grooming needs of different breeds.

At Dog’s Day Inn, we understand that most dogs are terrified of being on a groomer’s table. The stress and frightening experience can be exhausting for owners and dogs alike. This is why we provide a grooming service for dogs that experience extreme stress and anxiety. When you request the service, we guarantee that your dog will be on and off the grooming within 1.5 hours or less. Our team members, of course, can offer one last service.


Sooner or later, most animal owners will attempt a training program with their beloved dog. But the question comes up on if you have what it takes to be patient while you teach your dog obedience training since the training might not stick with your dog at first. You might also lack time to dedicate to your dog’s training but need them to stop with some negative behaviors; if that is the care, you can contact us for a two-week dog training program at Dog’s Day Inn.

Our professional trainers will spend an hour each day teaching your dog five basic commands: come, down, heel, stay, and sit. After your dog has learned these obedience commands, it will graduate from the program.

The program lasts two weeks and requires that your dog be boarded at our facility during the entirety of the program. As the pet owner, you don’t have to worry about whether they will be taken care of. When your dog is not training, they’ll enjoy cooling off in the swimming pool, relaxing in the kennel, and one-on-one attention with a caregiver.

You’ll also receive daily updates on how your dog progresses in the program. Contact our friendly staff or visit our web page for more information about this training program!

Kingwood TX Pet Boarding Near Me

Kingwood TX Pet Boarding Near Me

Call Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today!

Visit our website if you need more information about our services and locations at Dog’s Day Inn! You’ll also find the answers to the questions you may have regarding the boarding of your favorite pet. Consider Dog’s Day Inn for your Kingwood TX Pet Boarding Near Me

Kingwood, TX Fun Facts:

  • Kingwood is known as the ‘Liveable Forest.’This community was founded in 1971.
  • Kingwood gets its name from King Ranch.
  • Downtown Houston is only twenty miles from this community.
  • For more information about Kingwood, TX, visit the city website!