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Dog Grooming Kennels Atascocita TX

Dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX are propitious places for lucky pets. Especially when they are scheduled to stay at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Grooming, for a dog, is a method for conspicuously bestowing affection, promoting health,. And in general, giving a substantial boost to quality of life.

Your dog’s stay at our dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX will be advantageous and all-out fun activities as playing with favorite toys. All while running in our play yards that have 6-foot fences. Possibly 20-minute swimming sessions, if a veterinarian release form, for engaging in water play or hydrotherapy is provided. On top of having the benefit of being booked at a kennel where care is taken to relieve feelings of anxiety throughout the visit, the luxury of dog grooming is available.

Dog Grooming Kennels Atascocita TX

We always recommend scheduling grooming after a stay with us. If for no other purpose than it helps your pet associate a temporary stay at a kennel. This id done with the all-out pampered luxury of a professional grooming session. Don’t be fooled into thinking dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX are pure indulgence. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Scheduling grooming for your dog provides superb benefits that give overall quality of life a momentous boost.

Benefits of Grooming

Grooming is not a requirement when your dog stays at our dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX, but it is highly advocated. The following are some of many benefits of dog grooming.

Paw Care

Your dog’s paws need meticulous care, to ensure that your dog is able to walk and run in a balanced and agile manner, free of pain. The two primary aspects of paw care are nail trimming and removing debris and hair from between the paw pads. Many pet owners schedule grooming at least every month because nail trimming can be arduous, to say the least. Dogs often run and hide when nail clippers are in sight. Even with a compliant dog, trimming dog nails is tricky because it’s quite easy to inadvertently cut into the quick. This is painful for the dog and can result in excessive bleeding.

Atascocita TX Dog Grooming Kennels

Dog Grooming Kennels Atascocita Texas

If your dog happens to escape after the faux pas, you may be forced to deal with bloody paw tracks all over your house. No doubt, the issue of nail trimming makes dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX a very popular commodity for many pet owners.

It’s not uncommon for such debris as dirt, burrs, feces, tar, gravel, and gum to become lodged between a dog’s paw pads. Dogs that have hair instead of fur also have the additional aggravation of debris getting tangled in untrimmed hair in their paw pads.  When small bits of debris aren’t removed, the paws can become swollen and red, which can result in pain when walking.

Reducing Shedding

If you frequently have the need to clean fur or dog hair on your furniture, it’s possible that dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX can help the problem become less invasive. Brushing your dog’s fur removes excess fur as well as pet dander and possibly dandruff. A good shampoo also helps tremendously.

best Dog Grooming Kennels in Atascocita TX

Atascocita TX has you covered for all of your pet needs

An additional benefit of brushing is that the natural oils in your dog’s skin are distributed through his coat, giving it a nice sheen.



Dogs are loving and famously loyal domestic animals, and they deserve to be comfortable. All aspects of proper dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX promote health and happiness. Your dog is far more comfortable when his fur is clean and untangled and his paws clean and trimmed.

Schedule beneficial services at Dog’s Day Inn dog grooming kennels Atascocita TX today.