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Pet Grooming Katy TX

Pet Grooming Katy TX

Pet Grooming Katy TX


Pet Grooming Katy TX is important for your dog’s overall health and happiness. The majority of all dog owners look at their pets as another family member and treat them accordingly. But for all those owners who love their fur babies like a family member, not all of them regularly groom their dog. Possibly because they do not recognize the importance of it. Pet grooming Katy TX at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is not only a way to show concern for your beloved dog, but it also is a great act of love!


Shedding hair is something all dog owners are aware of. Keeping a lint brush handy to remove the hair from your clothing and couch is probably a good idea. Pesky shedding can be greatly reduced by pet grooming Katy TX. Brushing your dog eliminates the excess hair that could otherwise be slowly and constantly shedding around the house.

The natural oils a dog produces keeps his coat shiny. As a result of brushing it through and distributing the oils throughout the coat. Going too long without brushing results in an accumulation of dandruff and dirt. Routine washing also keeps your dog’s coat healthy and strong. As your dog is properly washed, the groomer can identify the presence of any fleas, ticks or skin problems.

An added benefit of brushing is that it provides a time when you are giving your dog your focused attention. Even pets that aren’t crazy about brushing eventually realize that it’s a great time to bask in the attention.

Pet Grooming Katy TX

Our Katy location hosts many of our community’s pets.

Avoiding Infection

Properly removing hair around your dog’s eyes and ears will help prevent infections. Canines also need ear cleaning and tooth brushing that can be provided by pet grooming Katy TX.

Paw Care

Humans are expected and have a desire to keep their nails well-groomed for aesthetic value, professionalism, and to avoid the pains of hangnails and jagged edges. Dogs actually need nail care pet grooming Katy TX for important things such as balance and nimbleness as they run, play, and walk on their precious paws. Often, untrimmed and un-kept nails can result in cutting into their paws and even bleeding. The task of keeping the nails nicely trimmed can be daunting for any loving pet owner because dogs can be less than cooperative. Pet grooming Katy TX professionals are trained and talented at trimming dog nails without hurting the dog, and that saves you the headache of trying to get your pet to join forces with you in this task.

Pet Grooming Katy TX

Doggy Daycare in Katy

In Addition

There is some at-home care to keep in mind when thinking of your four-legged family member’s paw pads. Dogs can feel extreme heat on their paws just as you can when walking barefoot on hot surfaces, such as pavement. Walking your pet in the grass when the sun is shining bright is something you can do to prevent burns and blisters. However, paw pads for any breed of dog can collect debris that becomes entangled in their fur. The type of debris that needs to be removed includes gravel, tar, dirt, and, unfortunately, even gum. Dogs that continuously grow hair between their paws, such as the bearded collie, will be properly groomed around their pads by pet grooming Katy TX to ensure their paws are clean, trim, and free of pain-causing debris. For many long-haired breeds such as this one, regular paw grooming is a pure necessity.

Overall, your dog will be healthier and happier with a regularly scheduled grooming from Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Contact us as soon as possible for pet grooming Katy TX for your dog.

Katy, TX Fun Facts

  • The City was founded on rice farming in the late 1800s and was formally incorporated in 1945.
  • Katy is Known as a UFO Hot Spot.
  • Katy Magnolia Cemetery is known by Texas ghost hunters as a historically haunted site.
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