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Pet Day Care

The #1 goal at Dog’s Day Inn is to provide the happiest tail-wagging experience possible with every effort to keep the animals stress-free and comfortable.

That includes:

  • televisions
  • Peanut Butter Kong playtime
  • Outdoor swim time
  • private suites
  • outdoor playtime with toys

Plus, each pet has their own assigned caregiver who will take the time to bond with the animal, see it’s unique personality, and ensure they are receiving the utmost in care from the moment they arrive to the time they leave our doggy day care in Cypress, Atascocita, Kingwood, or Katy.

Best of all, pet owners can take comfort in knowing that if their pet seems stressed, the staff will automatically upgrade them into a high-level suite.

Swimming Pool / Aqua Exercise

Our Atascocita, Cypress, Katy, and Kingwood doggy day care locations are equipped with relaxing and enjoyable swimming pools. These cool and inviting pools provide both exercise and entertainment for your pet during their stay at our resort. Buoyancy vests are provided for those canines who never quite mastered the “Doggie Paddle”.

Swimming provides an excellent form of exercise for all dogs, especially those who are overweight, geriatric, or have arthritic conditions. It provides a safe alternative exercise by removing the stress on the bones and joints.

All dogs are accompanied by a staff member at all times during their swim and each session is approximately 20 minutes. This allows for adequate exercise without exhaustion.

We require a veterinary release for each dog to participate in the swim program, ensuring the safety, health, and well being of your pet during this time.

We recommend you consult with your veterinarian before beginning the aqua exercise program.

If your work schedule has you away from home for a large part of your day, having a trusted Houston doggy day care like Dog’s Day Inn can help. We can make sure that your pet is happy, entertained, and well taken care of while you are away. This is a great way to get over the working pet parent guilt that you may feel when you have to work long hours. The trusted staff at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort care for your dog, just like you do. We provide the entertainment and love that keeps your pet happy all day long. You can find more information for each of our Texas locations on the sidebar. Select your location, and you will be direct to the appropriate page. We also provide Houston pet boarding services when your pet needs overnight care as well.

Caregivers at Your Dog’s Day Care

The staff at your dog’s day care are one of the most important pieces involved with giving great care to your animal. They are trained to interact with your dog, and provide them the one on one attention they deserve at our doggy day cares in Cypress, Atascocita, Kingwood, and Katy. At all of our locations your pet will have an assigned caregiver. This person will bond with your pet, and will appreciate your pet’s unique personality. This helps pets connect to the staff in a meaningful way. They will also give your dog the consistency that help a dog feel at home. Our staff are there to provide care from the moment they arrive until they are safe at home with you.

The staff are well trained to both interact with and monitor your animal. Some dogs have a harder time adjusting to the routine of our Houston doggy day care than others. Our staff are on hand to recognize the common signs of distress, and keep a watchful eye on their mood. Anxiety and restlessness is a sign that your dog is not comfortable. If your dog is showing signs of distress, we will automatically upgrade them to a high level suite. This ensures that your pet’s comfort is always our top priority.

Amenities for Happy Dogs at Day Care

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort offers many different amenities to keep your dog happy while he or she stays with us. It is important that your dog be kept entertained, and that they get enough activity to stay healthy. This helps your pet remain comfortable and relaxed in our care. It also gives your dog the best chance to be calm and well-rested, which is the state a dog should be in at a care center.

Playtime is important for your animal. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort provides a great outdoor area at all of our Houston doggy day care locations. We also make sure to provide a variety of toys for your pet. This keeps your pet engaged in play, and gives them a chance to socialize. All socializing is done under the careful supervision of our highly trained staff. We regularly provide peanut butter Kong playtime for the pets. This engages the dogs and provides a nice treat for them that they will love.


Appropriate play is always provided at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, but a quiet oasis helps your dog relax when they need a break. All suites at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort are private for the comfort of your animal. The individual suites that your dog will stay in are equipped with color televisions. This allows us to keep your dog entertained with special programming. The programming on our television system is all dog friendly. We avoid all sudden noises or other things that may disturb your pet. Dogs at our dog day care are never left to be bored or alone.

We also have a full sized swimming pool to give your dog a chance to engage in new activities. Our staff is trained to deal with all levels of swimming ability. They can provide buoyancy vests for those pets that are new to swimming. This is a great way to help dogs that are overweight, elderly, or have joint trouble participate in activities in a pain-free way. It provides a great way to play without the added stress to bones and joints that can come with running and chasing. We do require a veterinary release for pool time. This ensures that your pet is going to be happy and healthy for their time in the pool.

Pet Day Care at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort

The top priority at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is to provide the happiest experience possible for your animal. This means we make every effort to keep the animals stress-free and comfortable. Our facilities include great play spaces, quiet personal suites, and alternative activity amenities. The pools at all of our locations are a feature that we boast about proudly. In the caring and watchful sight of our highly trained staff, we are sure your pet will be happy staying at our doggy day care in Cypress, Atascocita, Kingwood, or Katy.