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Pet Daycare Near Me for Energetic Dogs | Kingwood TX

If you’re in need of a Kingwood, TX pet daycare near me for that precious pooch of yours, look no further than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort provides a variety of different services all over the Greater Houston area. From pet boarding to training, grooming and daycare, there’s no service we can’t provide. Not to mention, we don’t just house those who bark; we happily welcome those of the feline variety too.

Each Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort facility is equipped with a specialized center for your kitties away from those energetic dogs, so they can relax like the bougie felines they are. Moreover, the dog facility features colored TVs, pools, and play yards to help them let all that energy out while you’re away.

Kingwood TX pet daycare near me

Ask about grooming with our Kingwood, TX pet daycare near me services and amenities.

Does your dog need a haircut? Don’t worry about setting an appointment with a groomer for a later time. We offer grooming services in-house!

We’re staffed with professional groomers who can cut, dry, clean, trim, and wash your furry best friends while you’re away.

Overall, what we’re saying is that we’re ready and able to help you and your pet out. No need to worry about where your pet is going to stay while you’re on vacation.

Let them take a vacation at our Kingwood, TX pet daycare near me. Give our team a call today to get started!

Kingwood, TX Pet Daycare Near Me Services

If you’ve ever worried about where your dog should stay while you’re on vacation, the answer is Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. We’re a premier boarding facility with the goal of providing the top-rated boarding experience to keep your pet happy while you’re away.

Our daycare facility includes the following amenities:

  • Full-Screen Color Televisions
  • Peanut Butter Kong Playtime
  • Outdoor Swim Time in Our Full-Sized Pool
  • Private Suites for those who get a bit anxious around other dogs
  • Outdoor play times by themselves or with other dogs in the facility

When your dog is at our facility, they’ll be assigned their own personal caregiver who cares for them during their stay. They’ll learn about your dog’s unique personality and ensure that its needs are met.

Kingwood TX pet daycare near me

Your pet will feel right at home at our facility. Their assigned caregiver will make sure of that. Each animal deserves to feel special!

More than this, we carefully monitor all doggy playtime. Your dog deserves to stay in a comfortable facility where they can relax when they want and play when they want.

If your furry pal isn’t in the mood to play, they won’t have to. Not only does this make sure your pet’s needs are listened to, but it creates a safer environment for all of the other pets too.

When one pet wants to play while another doesn’t, this can create tension. Similar to humans, nobody likes to be bothered when they’re choosing to spend their time alone.

Dogs are no different and deserve to have their wants and needs respected. Appropriate play is always provided at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, but a quiet oasis helps your dog relax when they need a break.

Our Deluxe Full-Size Pool

Aqua aerobic exercise is an activity that can be performed in water and is often used as a form of physical therapy for humans and animals. There are many benefits to aqua aerobic exercise, including improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle strength and endurance, and improved joint flexibility. Additionally, aqua aerobic exercise is often used as a form of physical therapy for dogs who are recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort features a full-sized pool that dogs are free to use. Our staff is trained in the water and dogs who are not professional swimmers are provided with life-vests to help them stay afloat. Swimming provides dogs with the perfect amount of fun and exercise.

However, please note that if you would like for your dog to swim at our facility, we do require a veterinary release note stating that they are able to swim. This is just to ensure on our part that they are healthy are free from any injury that swimming might put extra strain on. We want every dog to have fun and not worry about any potential future hospital visits!

Kingwood TX pet daycare near me

We’re not just a doggy daycare! Bring your cats to stay in our cat condos!

Training and Grooming

Did you know that Dogs Day Inn is staffed with a team of professional groomers and trainers in-house that can assist your dog while they’re in our care?

From full blowouts to potty training, nail trimming, and on-lead training, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

You can schedule your dog’s grooming appointment for the beginning or end of their stay with us. Just remember that if you schedule it for the beginning play times may leave them looking a bit less pristine than you’re imagining, but it’s all in good fun.

Moreover, our training program is a full-length 14-day occurrence. You’ll leave them with us and let the experts handle the rest. At the end of the program, you’ll receive an obedient, well-trained dog. Then, we’ll teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to keep your dog on track!

And that’s all, folks!

Contact The Doggy Daycare Experts

If you’re looking for a safe and fun place for your pet to stay while you’re away, look no further than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. We offer a variety of services all over the Greater Houston area, from pet boarding to training, grooming, and daycare. You can get all of your pet’s needs met in one fell swoop.

We’re staffed with professional and experienced animal caretakers who will make sure your pet is well taken care of while you’re gone. Give us a call today to get started! You won’t find a better Kingwood, TX pet daycare near me than My Dogs Day Inn; come see what all the fuss is about.

Kingwood, TX Fun Facts:

  • Kingwood is also known as the “Livable Forest”
  • Kingwood is best known for being a community that exists in harmony with nature
  • Kingwood’s heavily wooded acreage is canopied with tall pines and magnolias, along with 20 other types of shade trees