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The Most Wonderful Pet Care For Your Dog | Katy, TX

If you’re looking for a Katy, TX Pet Care, Dog’s Day Inn is your place. We’re a pet resort with several years of experience in the Greater Houston Area, especially Katy, and provide the best experience. In our installations, you’ll find only the best amenities for your pet, as we work hard to ensure your dog is not only happy and healthy but ready to have the best day ever!

Our fun activities and lovely staff will welcome your dog with open arms from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter if your dog gets the snuggles or the zoomies, we’re more than ready to take care of it! After all, it’s not only about services but experiences, experiences that’ll make your dog happy and craving for more!

Every day in My Dog’s Day Inn is a new experience for your furry friend: games, swimming, walking, training, and more. Everything your dog may need, we’re sure to provide it! If you live in Katy, TX, there’s no better option for you than My Dog’s Day Inn.

Would you like to know more about our pet care and pet boarding services? Then, don’t move and keep reading!

Katy TX Pet Care

Your furry friend will have the best experience at Dog’s Day Inn!

Enjoy The Advantages Of Our Katy, TX, Pet Care

As pet owners ourselves, we understand that looking for good and affordable pet care can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to go. The simple thought of leaving your beloved furry friend in an unknown place can be overwhelming, but that’s ok! Our Katy, TX Pet Care is the best option if you’re looking for a pet resort that actually cares about your beloved friend.

How do we do this? First, we make sure to provide only the best amenities for your dogs. After all, dogs and cats are part of our family! Our trusted team has only the most experienced caregivers to give your dog the individual attention they need. Some advantages of our pet care are:


There’s no better way to see your dog happy than playing. Dogs love to exercise, and at Dog’s Day Inn, we provide several options to ensure your dog has the best day ever and, of course— Lots of fun! After all, it’s well-known that exercising makes our dogs happier and healthier, and also reduces mental distress.

Sadly, sometimes dedicating some time to this is almost impossible, but there’s no need to worry. We can help you with that! Our pet sitters at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort work to provide the best installations and personalized services, so each day is a new experience to explore! This includes:

  • Television
  • Swim Time
  • Playtime with Toys
  • Peanut Butter Kong Playtime, and more!

It’s also good to know that each dog has an individual caregiver who takes the time to connect and be friends with them. Also, most of our activities are outdoors, so your dog can enjoy the freedom and a breeze of fresh air!

Katy TX Pet Care

Lots of fun are waiting for your dog in our Katy, TX Pet Care!


Most dogs are social creatures that need to play in groups to feel happy, and the best way to do this is by providing a comfortable and safe environment for them! At Dog’s Day Inn, we take our time to teach each dog the basics of socialization while having fun.

Whether it is in our swimming pool or during outdoor playtime, we’ll assist your dog in all steps. Our play times are supervised, and we make sure that dogs learn in their own time.

However, we also understand that not every dog is happy with the company of strangers, that’s perfectly fine! At Dog’s Day Inn, introvert dogs can enjoy their playing time with an individual caregiver instead of the group play.


After a long day of playing and fun, your dog can relax in one of our climate-controlled indoor spaces. My Dog’s Day Inn counts with the best installations to ensure your dog stays happy and relaxed until you come back. No more separation anxiety! Sometimes the only thing your dog needs is to tune in and veg out, just like you do.

Meet Our Wonderful Pet Suites!

In My Dog’s Day Inn, we’re proud to provide only the best for our furry friends. Do you need to go out of town for a while, and you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! Pet boarding is one of our most popular services and we’re proud of that. At Dog’s Day Inn, we provide the best installations to ensure your dog feels like home. Some of our dog suites are:

  • Executive Suite
  • Junior Suite
  • Indoor/Outdoor Large Suite
  • Indoor/Outdoor Regular Suite

Each suite is different as they adapt to different dogs, but all of them count with a full-sized TV and comfortable bed.

Animal lovers will love to know that our border’s guests follow the same schedule and activities our daytime dogs enjoy. The only difference is that our overnight guests will receive an individual caregiver! This means more attention, playtime, and happiness for your furry friend.

Katy TX Pet Care

Your dog will be under the best care!

My Dog’s Day Inn Is Waiting For You!

Pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that there’s a pet care with an experienced team and a genuine love for animals— Dog’s Day Inn! Our main goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for your dog. That’s why we also offer additional services, such as training and pet grooming. No matter what you need, your dog is more than welcome here!

For more information about Dog’s Day Inn, feel free to call us or visit our website! Our trusted team will be more than happy to answer all your doubts. We’re ready to help you out with anything you may need and make sure your dog is happy.

If you’re looking for a Katy, TX pet care, Dogs’ Day Inn is the place for you!

Fun facts about Katy, TX:

  • Katy Mills is the biggest mall in Katy.
  • Katy was known for being the ”City Of Churches”.
  • Katy counts with three counties: Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend.